Kaweco Sport Deluxe Clip - A Mini Review

The Kaweco Skyline Sport is a true pocket pen. I reviewed the mint version a few weeks ago and am still in love with the pen's design and performance. The pen is full-sized when posted but tiny when capped. The threaded cap ensures that the pen is leak free as it tumbles around in a pocket or bag. I usually throw my pen into my Timbuk2 Messenger Bag, which is full of cavernous pockets and pen slots. It's easy to lose the pen amidst the chaos of my bag, and there's no way to secure the pen for easy reach, since the Kaweco doesn't come with a clip.

I found a Kaweco clip while browsing JetPens, but the reviews mentioned that it slides around on the pen cap and is too loose to be trustworthy. The clip is also pretty plain looking, considering the beauty of the pen, and I wasn't prepared to pay for shipping for a three dollar item.

I searched around the net and found that there is a pen store in downtown Cincinnati that just happens to carry the full Kaweco line. I ventured downtown and asked the friendly store owner about the clips. He pulled a small plastic bag from under the counter containing the clips that I saw online, but he also pulled out a deluxe version. I splurged and walked away with the deluxe version, which looked to be much sturdier than the basic version and matched the pen in level of design and attention to detail.

I slid the clip onto my mint Skyline Sport and was on my way. The clip hasn't budged since. It holds firmly in place, and the clip itself is incredibly sturdy. It takes some effort to clip the pen to anything thicker than a piece of paper, but this means that the pen won't slide off during travel. I typically clip the pen onto a bag pocket, but I wanted a more rigorous test, so I wore it clipped to my pants pocket for an entire day. Eight hours later and my pen was still firmly attached and hadn't leaked a drop.

At six dollars, the Kaweco Deluxe Clip is a no brainer. Its elegant design and etchings match well with the cap emblem on the Skyline Sport, and the clip looks like it was on the pen all along. Just be sure to buy the right color to match your pen's logo, since the clip comes in several colors. I am extremely satisfied with the deluxe clip and think that it's a must-have for any Sport owner.

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