Nock Co. Tallulah Pen Case Review

The Nock Co. Sinclair has been my go to case for years. It offers plenty of storage for pens and index cards and has lived in my work messenger back for some time. Although it’s a smaller case, sometimes one or two pens is enough, and I don’t need the extra room for stationery. I’ve never been a fan of those compact pen pouches, where the pens roll around freely, commingling with nothing between them. It’s fine for cheap pens, but I couldn’t stand to think about my Lamy 2000 or Pilot Vanishing Point getting scratches or chips from rolling around in a pen pouch. Nock Co.’s Tallulah offers an elegant solution to this problem, providing a compact form factor for my most cherished carry pens.

Nock Co Tallulah Pen Case Review Cover.jpg

I received my Tallulah as a reward from the Pen Addict Live Kickstarter, and it’s been my primary pen case ever since. The case has two large pen slots which can handle larger pens like the TWSBI Go and those of standard size. Compact clip-less pens get lost at the bottom of the pocket, but this is common with most cases. The case also has a pocket for business cards, although I have used it to stash one or two extra pens, which it does well. There’s enough slack in the case to store four or five pens total with relative ease, unless they’re big guys. Keep in mind that pens stored in the business card pocket may rub together, so it’s probably best to reserve this for less expensive/delicate pens.

Nock Co Tallulah Pen Case Review Open.jpg

Those familiar with Nock Co. cases will find the same high quality design and construction in the Tallulah. The stitching holds up well under continuous use, and the case’s zipper is still going strong after hundreds of zips and unzips. As an orange fanatic, I love the clay/sunshine colorway. The outer case is a copper tone that’s much more subdued than my mandarin Sinclair, and I prefer it. The inner yellow is bright and cheery and the colors have stayed true despite constant usage.

Nock Co Tallulah Pen Case Review Loadout.jpg

The Tallulah is another fantastic addition to the Nock Co. line of cases. It’s also more than that, though. I’ve spent a lot of time on this blog exploring the fussy, finicky, and inconvenient—things fun to use but never practical on the go or as daily drivers. You may have noticed the lack of posts since August, and I have to be honest—my life has been complete chaos as of late. Amidst terminal illness (don’t worry—not me), hospital visits, and holiday travels, I appreciate the tools I can throw into a bag at a moment’s notice. The flexibility and compactness of the Tallulah makes it invaluable. My Lamy 2000 and Retro 51, along with a few business cards, live inside at all times. I can throw the Tallulah in a bag with a notebook and my iPad and work from anywhere. It’s this simplicity that has allowed me to continue to get things done amidst the chaos.

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