And Now for Something Completely Different

Writing is my escape. I can't claim to write well, but I always turn to writing when I need to work out issues or leave the worries of the day behind. My journey through the world of fancy pens was inevitable, as my obsession with the tools of the writing trade is insatiable. I've loved learning and writing about fancy pens and stationary over the last months, and I have no plans of stopping. I'm typically so excited to write my Tuesday post, but sometimes things happen in life that make it hard to want to write about its little joys. I've tried to throw something together to post today, but it's not up to snuff. If you've shown up for a Tuesday post, I apologize for this disappointing placeholder. If you're still reading, I would like to take this chance to thank you so much for your support. I promise to be back next week with 100% less sob stories, and I would appreciate it if you would come back to visit.

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