Aurora Blue Ink Review

Blue is the perfect color with which to welcome the winter winds. Lamy blue/black ink cartridges have been the only blue in my arsenal, but November's Ink Drop brought an icy alternative to my door.

Aurora Blue is a beautiful deep blue ink, and its color deepens in intensity with every pass of the pen. I've been looking for an everyday blue bottled ink, and I think that this may be the ink for me. I use the Tomoe River Paper Midori refill as my primary notebook, and this paper has a notoriously long dry time. The benefits of using this paper outweigh the cons, but this means that I need inks with the best drying performance possible. I struggle with the slow dry time of my goto Diamine Onyx Black, so I'm pleasantly surprised to see that Aurora Blue has much better dry time than Onyx Black. Goulet Pens lists Aurora Blue ink as having a very slow dry time, but I found the opposite to be true. I did notice that it took a few minutes for the ink to dry with my Noodler's Ahab flex pen; however, dry time with the Lamy Safari F nib was less than 10 seconds for several different paper types. Dry time was less than 20 seconds on the Tomoe River paper, which is incredibly fast, compared to other inks.

I plan to load my sample of Aurora Blue into my Lamy 2000 and give it a go as my primary ink for the next few weeks. It's just that good.


  • Dry Time: Less than 10 seconds
  • Wetness: Wet
  • Shading: Low
  • Feathering: Low
  • Saturation: High


  • Lamy Safari - F nib
  • Noodler's Ahab - Flex nib
  • Pilot Parallel - 6mm nib
  • Rhodia DotPad

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